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Donor Frequently Asked Questions


Is my online donation secure?

Absolutely. LLLI is a proud partner of VeriSign, a provider we trust to equip us with various Internet infrastructure services for an increasingly digital world. You may notice that when you click any “Donation” link on the LLLI Web site it will take you to Do not be alarmed when you see you are no longer at! Kintera is our database to manage all records for our Donors, Leaders, Members, and customers.

Why is there a 15% administrative fee for a pass through donation?

LLLI receives hundreds of checks each week for Member/Leader/Group Dues, Donations, Orders, etc. Because checks for various entities or Groups are most often addressed to La Leche League International, LLLI staff members must deposit the checks, process them in the Development Department, complete the appropriate forms requesting the monies, and then process the wire transfer or mail the check to the Group or entity. The 15% fee helps cover these administrative costs.

We do apologize for this inconvenience as we realize you want your gift to go towards furthering the LLLI mission, not administrative costs. We encourage you to make your donation directly to the LLL Group/entity you wish to support. If you do not know the contact information of a particular group, contact the Development Department. This will help ensure all of the funds will remain true to your intentions.

Why is LLLI sending tax receipt acknowledgments electronically?

The LLLI Development Department recognizes that e-communications will never replace the personal communications that we feel are an important part of saying “Thank You” to our donors, yet having the capability to send automatically-generated email acknowledgments translates to a savings on printing, postage, and staff time.

It is a current practice of the Development Department to send electronic tax receipt acknowledgments (“Thank Yous”) to anyone who has an email address listed in the database. If you would like to receive communications (such as donation acknowledgments and newsletters) by e-mail, please share your email address with us.

We believe that you want your donations to go toward furthering the LLLI Mission, and we thank you for understanding our need to reduce fundraising costs.

Will I receive a paper tax receipt acknowledgment?

You will receive a paper acknowledgment for your donation if you do not have an email address listed in our database. Although the Development Department strives to lower fundraising costs, we realize that our donors have different preferences and some prefer to receive a paper acknowledgment rather than an electronic one.

We only ask that you share your personal preference with us so that in recognizing your generosity we are respecting your wishes as an important member of the La Leche League family.

Contact the Development Department at (847) 519-7730, ext. 240, or

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